Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are we located?
A. Hughesville, PA. We are about an hour northeast of Harrisburg and about 20 minutes south of Williamsport.

Q. What is the ordering process?
A. Once you and your salesman have determined the machine you need, a deposit is put down on the machine. Deposits usually consist of 50% of the purchase price then a sales agreement is created and your machine is taken into our shop for evaluation. Many times the machine has already been evaluated beforehand, but re-evaluation is done. If it is determined that any replacement parts are recommended by our technician you will receive this information and can decided if you would like us to proceed with the repair. Once the machine is ready to ship we require the balance plus the addition of any shipping cost. Our shipping coordinator will arrange to have the machine processed, prepared, and shipped. If you have a preferred carrier, then all we will need is a copy of the bill of lading. Your salesman will be happy to provide guidance along the way to purchasing your new and used machine.

Q. What are my payment options?
A. We accept checks from personal and business accounts. Bank wire transfers or ACH's are another common method of payment to RT Machine upon signing a sales agreement

Q. What do the different conditions of the machines mean?
  • As Is: this machine is sold as is, where is, and without any guarantee.
  • As Taken From Service: this machine is usually in running condition needing only minor parts or adjustment after installation.
  • Cleaned and Checked: this machine has been through our shop and we can provide detailed information regarding the condition of its parts.
  • Reconditioned: this machine has been through the shop and restored to its fully functioning condition.

Q. Can I see the machine run?
A. In many cases yes. When we refurbish a machine with new mechanicals we video the machine during one or more cycles. We also can arrange to have a machine connected to power in our shop if you wish to visit our showroom.

Q. How are machines shipped?
A. If you option to have your machine shipped rather than picking up in person at our warehouse, then we can obtain a quote for shipping. Generally, a machine that can fit on a 48” x 48” pallet or 48” x 96” pallet can be shipped via common carrier. Otherwise, we can side load a machine onto a flatbed or step deck trailer.

Q. How do I order parts for my machine?
A. Ordering is simple. Contact our parts department and answer some questions about your machine and the parts you require, and they will research the part and provide you with a quoted price. The parts department can be reached at (570) 584-2002 ext 308 or email

Q. Can I get parts for my machine?
A. This is dependent on the age of the machine and parts availability. Some companies that have closed their doors may have new-old-stock parts available through a distributor. Common electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic components can usually be sourced through our parts department with minimal difficulty. Some proprietary parts, such as unique castings, simply cannot be found on the new parts market and may require some very extensive research to find.

Q. Does RT Machine offer Service ?
A. Our Field Service Department offers on-site service at your manufacturing facility. We can perform repairs, service, diagnostics, and installation of both new and used machinery. Our factory trained technicians have extensive knowledge of most machine types and manufacturers in the industry. They work with our parts department to source the proper OEM or after-market replacement parts for all jobs. Please email or visit to learn more or schedule a visit today!
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