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  • 8054-1a.jpg

    8054Luxscan C180 Scanner w/Opticut 450FJ+ & Opticut 450 Viper Optimizing Saws


  • 2101i-03

    2101Model J-3-H-8 Vertical Boring Machine


  • 8053-1.jpg

    8053Model Ulti-Vision S4S Scanner with Duo-Drive 500GB High Speed Saw


  • 11147i-05.jpeg

    11147Model 79X-8-M Door Pro Miter Door Clamp


  • 411728A.jpg

    2635Model GPS-120 End Matcher (2017)


  • 24139ir-02.JPG

    24139Model NFP-4H-CLOSED Dust Collector


  • 57155i-05.JPG

    57155Model IH510 5' x 10' Flat-Table CNC Router


  • 7091i-03.JPG

    7091Model Optimat SWT225/RC Wide Belt Sander - 2018!


  • 8052i-_12.JPG

    8052RazorOptimal Automatic Optimizing Cutoff Saw


  • 35127R-03.JPG

    35127Model 22D 875, 56" Top and Bottom Glue spreader

    Black Brothers

  • Service Truck

    Service Truck

    RT Machine Service can trouble shoot, diagnose, and repair all of your new and used woodworking machinery

New and Used Woodworking Machinery

If you’re looking for new woodworking machinery for sale or used industrial woodwork machinery, then you have come to the right woodworking equipment place! With an 80,000+ SQ FT facility, we stock over 600 new and used woodworking machines, including CNC Routers for woodworking, woodworking dust collection systems, boring machines, dovetailers, clamping equipment, wood lathe accessories, moulders, wide-belt sanders, gang rip saws, tenoners and many more pieces of woodworking equipment used to manufacture cabinets, furniture and other wood products!

We’re happy to announce that we are now the Northeast United States dealer for Altendorf. We’re also the number one dealer for Mereen-Johnson and Circle T Manufacturing. If you’re looking to sell used woodworking machinery, we’re able to provide you a quote for your equipment by providing us some detailed information. As a leading provider for used woodworking equipment ourselves, we’re the ideal company to sell to. We’re also a leader in woodworking equipment parts and woodworking equipment service and troubleshooting. It’s our goal to be your one-stop shop for everything regarding , both new and used. Don’t hesitate to contact RT Machine today about how we can help you.


Glue Spreaders

New Quick 17" One Sided Roller Coater Glue Spreader



Saws - Straight Line Rip

Used Diehl Model SL52 Straight Line Rip Saw



Saws - Optimizer

New Omga Model T 2030 NC


Contact RT Machine

New and Used Woodworking Equipment Experts

At RT Machine, our goal is to save you time and money. There are No Brokers Fees; we own most of our inventory. If saving time and money is important to you, avoid broker websites and Deal Direct with RT Machine Company! Search Our Inventory

We also buy surplus woodworking machinery. RT will buy one or two woodworking machines or all of the woodworking equipment from an entire factory. With over 600 used woodworking machines for sale, RT Machine Company is one of the largest woodworking machinery dealers in the industry. Find our recent additions of used woodworking equipment for sale here. We also accept woodworking machines in trade for woodworking equipment for sale on our website.