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Choosing the Right Seller when Buying Used Woodworking Machinery

Whether to buy woodworking machinery new or used is a question faced by many woodworkers as they contemplate cost cutting, particularly when a machine exceeds the $5,000 mark, as most industrial models do. If you need light commercial machinery for carpentry, interior design, or custom cabinetry, buying new is often more profitable than buying used. However, unlike light commercial models whose lifespan is exhausted within a few years, industrial models can retain their usefulness for decades, making it profitable to buy them used when know what to look for, including the best seller. Below, we offer some valuable dos and don’ts for determining the right seller.

Do: Buy from a Company that Offers a Maintenance Record for your Machine

Regardless of a machine’s age, the greatest predictor of its dependability, or lack thereof, is whether it has been properly maintained. Because woodworking machines are prone to wood dust infiltrating and sabotaging their motors and electrical apparatuses, vigilant maintenance is especially important. If a machine has a spotty maintenance record or no record, don’t buy it. The only machines worth buying are those with a spotless maintenance record.

Don’t: Buy Blindly from a Business Liquidation Auction

Business liquidation auctions can offer phenomenal deals on expensive machinery. But the machinery usually isn’t inspected prior to sale, meaning that, unless you have expertise in evaluating industrial woodworking machines, your risk of getting less then you bargained for is high. A better idea is to buy from a seller that has specializes in evaluating, repairing, and reselling used machinery.

Do: Buy from a Professional Seller of Used Woodworking Machinery

A professional seller of used woodworking machines is one that purchases machinery from companies, individuals, and auctions, restoring it to salable condition when necessary. Professional sellers of used woodworking machines offer you the advantage of buying a machine that’s been evaluated from the inside out, the findings from which are reflected in the machine’s price.

Don’t: Buy From a Seller that Has a Poor Record at the Better Business Bureau

Because a company puts its best foot forward when courting potential customers, it pays to see what goes on in its offices by checking its record at the Better Business Bureau. While it isn’t uncommon for a good company to have customer complaints on its record, it is uncommon for good company to let the complaints sit “unresolved.” Unless you’d like be another unresolved complaint, stick with sellers who resolve customer complaints.

Do: Buy from a Seller that lets you Inspect its Machinery First Hand

This rule is especially valuable when you shop for machines online, where a machine’s photos show it from its best vantage points. If you find a machine that you like but the seller seems reluctant to offer you a first hand inspection opportunity, particularly one performed by an expert, chances are that the machine, if not the seller, has something to hide. To buy a used woodworking machine and feel confident about your purchase, inspection is the name of the game.

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