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Used Industrial Woodworking Machinery: Getting the Most for your Money

In the current economy, there are two reasons to save as much money as possible: because you have to, or because you’re trying to prevent reaching that point. In either case, the reality is the same: when you’re looking to make a purchase, you’re looking to paying the least amount of money for the most quality. In the woodworking industry, this principal leads to the purchase of used industrial woodworking machines instead of new ones. But is used woodworking machinery really such a good deal? It depends on which grade of machinery you buy: light commercial grade, or industrial grade.

Industrial Woodworking Machinery Versus Light Commercial Grade Machinery

To determine whether a used woodworking machine would be a good purchase for your business, first determine what grade of machinery you need: light commercial grade, or industrial grade. Light commercial grade machinery is typically found at hardware retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot, whereas industrial grade machinery is typically sold through specialized outlets that service industrial woodworking operations. Light commercial machinery is fine for most carpentry jobs, construction jobs that require incidental woodworking, and woodshops that have lower production rates. But if you plan on running a facility that has an industrial level production rate, then you’ll need industrial grade machinery, and purchasing it used can you save lots of money.

Why Are Used Industrial Grade Machines Such a Good Deal?

Industrial woodworking machinery can be expensive, with some machines easily costing over $100,000 new. But along with their high price comes a long life span, with 30 years or more of prime use being common. Therefore, purchasing an industrial machine used can result in receiving new machine quality at a used machine price. Light commercial machines, on the other hand, are generally affordable and don’t offer long life spans, making it wiser to purchase them new instead of used.

How do you determine which Industrial Machines Offer the Most Dependability?

Just because a machine is designed for industrial use doesn’t mean it can’t succumb to poor maintenance and improper use. Taking the following measures will help to ensure that you purchase a machine that offers the reliability you need: (1) Buy from professional sellers of used woodworking machines. Because assessing a machine’s reliability requires trained expertise, avoid amateur sellers such as eBay merchants and auctioneers at company liquidations. (2) Check a seller’s record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Just because a company possesses expertise doesn’t mean that it treats is customers fairly. While checking companies’ records, a good rule is to avoid companies that have unresolved customer complaints; otherwise, you could end up being the next complaint. (4) Request a copy of a machine’s official maintenance record, avoiding machines whose spotty maintenance predisposes them to premature repairs. (5) Examine a machine in person to assess its state of wear, or have a trusted third party examine it for you. Following these steps should lead you to a dependable used woodworking machine that will meet your needs for years to come.

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