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Used Woodworking Machinery: How is this Equipment Applied in Wood Production Environments?

“Boring” is a manufacturing process used to increase the size of a drilled hole in a work piece. The device often contains a single-point cutter along with various other types of tools. You may already bore holes by means of hand or power operated equipment; however, new options in computer numerically controlled (CNC) devices allow for increased productivity and accuracy. This type of manufacturing equipment can be fairly expensive when you are not operating a large production facility. Used devices provide the opportunity to buy high quality CNC equipment at a price that falls within a set budget. Woodworking tools can come in different forms, such as manual or computer operated devices. The machinery you choose greatly affects the end product, as well as the cost and efficiency of these processes. You may purchase used woodworking machinery to decrease initial investment costs and gain advanced technology for your boring or other wood production needs.

Wood Boring Machines: Can Your Facility Benefit From a “Boring” Device?

Wood boring machines provide increased diameter accuracy along with the capability of cutting tapered holes. This process can be completed on more than one type of tool, including lathes, milling machines, and specialized borers. A mill rotates the work piece by means of a vertical axis, while the bar consists of a linear motion. It can be compared to a vertical lathe in design, but is meant for this specialized process. A horizontal machine involves the bar rotating horizontally around the work piece. You can purchase a large variety of machine designs that can either vertically or horizontally cut. The cutting tool will typically be single point and consist of high-speed steel or carbide. Several sizes and styles can be implemented within your woodworking facility, making it essential to match the equipment to the jobs being performed.

Boring mills and other large machine styles are meant for production environments where thousands of pieces will be created each day. A lathe is capable of completing this process in woodworking environments where fewer counts or less bulky pieces are being used. If you are working with large base pieces or churning out immense product counts, it is worthwhile to consider wood boring machines. Three to thirteen feet is the common size for larger equipment; however, certain designs can handle a length of over sixty feet. Coolant is used to keep the boring bar at a workable temperature so machines can deliver an immense amount of horsepower. Computer-based control systems increase operational productivity and lower costs by allowing production automation. This benefit improves individual piece accuracy, reduces staffing requirements, and offers immense material savings. The equipment may be used for various other purposes, but must be chosen according to specific needs, the type of wood being used, work piece size, and numerous other factors.

RT Machine offers countless types of used woodworking machinery, including boring devices. One of our professionals will be glad to help if you are unsure as to which design will meet the needs of your facility. Call today for general information or to learn more about any machine you may be considering for your business.

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