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Considerations When Buying Woodworking Machines

Investing in woodworking machinery can be a blessing and a burden. Although a machinery upgrade can lead to increased revenue via increased production capacity, it also requires a financial sacrifice, at least in the short run. To make the sacrifice worthwhile, woodworkers must approach machinery purchases carefully, knowing exactly what they need and the best way to receive it. If you need new machinery, the considerations below can help you make an informed purchase:

Choosing the Right Equipment Grade

Most equipment comes in three construction grades: hobby grade, mid grade, and industrial grade. As one would expect, hobby grade equipment costs the least, mid grade equipment is moderately priced, and industrial grade equipment costs the most.

Instead of buying the industrial machinery they need, some woodworkers purchase a lesser grade of machinery to save money—a decision that could come back to haunt them. When it is used for industrial grade work, hobby grade or mid grade machinery can experience serious mechanical problems, and fail to fulfill its lifespan.

Buying New Versus Buying Used

Buying industrial equipment used is an excellent way to save money, especially when the equipment is reconditioned. There are plenty of used woodworking machines for sale—from wood boring machines to routers—but finding reliable products depends on finding a reputable seller.
Buying from an auction or an amateur seller can be risky for three reasons: it can be difficult to assess how the previous owner used the machinery, how well it has been maintained, and whether it has received a thorough inspection. Buying from a seller of used equipment that has its own reconditioning facility is the safest option.

Choosing the Right Production Capacity

Equipment that supports a high production rate typically costs more than equipment that supports a low or moderate production rate, but it can increase your revenue by helping you increase production capacity. If you need a high production machine to facilitate an increase in production, do not be afraid to invest in one, but do not buy a high production machine in anticipation of an increase in production. If you do, you might end up with expensive equipment and no increase in revenue to justify the purchase.

Conventional Technology Versus CNC Technology

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment typically costs more than conventional equipment, but it can offset its higher price tag in important ways, such as:

• Reducing waste work
• Reducing the need for equipment operators
• Increasing production capacity

Wood boring machines, routers, and other woodworking equipment are available with CNC technology. Despite their high price tag, CNC machines can save you more money, and earn you more money, than conventional equipment.

Call RT Machine for Your Machinery Needs

For over ten years, RT Machine has sold new and used woodworking equipment to companies and individuals across the U.S. Unlike some sellers, we recondition our pre-owned equipment onsite, providing the utmost assurance of its reliability.

We have a full inventory of woodworking machines for sale, but if we do not carry the equipment you need, our locator service can find it in another inventory and have it shipped to your location. To learn more about our equipment and services, call us today.

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