Item Manufacturer Machine Name Condition
rtgeneric4743FriulmacModel FN 3 Trim and Moulder FeederUsed
47145-02.JPG47145FriulmacDualfeed Double End Trim Moulder Feeder w/ CopesUsed
47149i-25.JPG47149WeinigModel P23E Five Head MoulderUsed
47153i-01.JPG47153LeadermacModel Smartmac LMC-518S Five Head MoulderUsed
47156c-24.jpg47156WadkinModel XE 220 6-Head Through Feed MoulderUsed
47158c-01.jpg47158Mid-OregonModel OFCONV-8S-2C-64 Moulder Outfeed ConveyorUsed
rtgeneric47160WeinigHydromat 23C 6-head moulderUsed
rtgeneric47161FriulmacModel Dualfeed Double-End Trim and Moulder FeederUsed
rtgeneric47162FriulmacModel Dualfeed Double-End Trim and Moulder FeederUsed
47163-1.jpg47163SCMModel Sintex Four Head Moulder Used
rtgeneric47166FriulmacModel FN/2 L5500 Moulder Return ConveyorUsed
rtgeneric47167FriulmacModel FN/2 Moulder Return ConveyorUsed
47168-34.jpg47168SCMModel Superset NT Five Head MoulderUsed