Used Machinery Inventory Search

  Item Manufacturer Machine Name Condition
rtgeneric4743FriulmacModel FN 3 Trim and Moulder FeederUsed
47160-11.jpg47160WeinigHydromat 23C 6-head moulderUsed
47161-1.jpg47161FriulmacModel Dualfeed Double-End Trim and Moulder FeederUsed
47163-1.jpg47163SCMModel Sintex Four Head Moulder Used
rtgeneric47166FriulmacModel FN/2 L5500 Moulder Return ConveyorUsed
rtgeneric47167FriulmacModel FN/2 Moulder Return ConveyorUsed
47170-1.jpg47170SCMIModel Superset 23 Five Head MoulderUsed
47171-1.jpg47171FriulmacModel Dualfeed Auto Double Cross-Cut Saw Moulder FeederUsed
47172-3.jpg47172US ConceptsModel FAS-HD Arch MoulderUsed
47174-31.jpg47174KentwoodModel M609XC Six Head Feed Through MoulderUsed
rtgeneric47175WeinigModel P23 Five Head MoulderUsed
47176_front_right.JPG47176WadkinModel K23 Six Head MoulderUsed
47177-1.jpg47177WeinigModel Unimat 23E Six Head Feed Through Moulder w/ Tooling!Used