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  Item Manufacturer Machine Name Condition
rtgeneric35120Black BrothersApplicator Rolls for 74" Glue Spreader (Qty 2)Used
35126i-03.JPG35126Black BrothersModel 22D Series 1175, 68" Top and Bottom Glue SpreaderUsed
35127R-03.JPG35127Black BrothersModel 22D 875, 56" Top and Bottom Glue spreaderUsed
35128-1.jpg35128Black BrothersModel 775 56" SPRD Top & Bottom Glue SpreaderUsed
rtgeneric35130Black BrothersModel 22D-875 56" Glue SpreaderUsed
35131i_14.JPG35131TaylorModel 3000194 Slat-Type Glue ApplicatorUsed
rtgeneric35133Black BrothersModel 775 SPR Top & Bottom Glue SpreaderUsed
rtgeneric35134Black BrothersModel 22-D-875 62" Top Glue SpreaderUsed