AltendorfAltendorf Group America
In 2019 the Altendorf Group opened its own branch office and set up its own dealer network in the USA. Since the changes in the shareholders structure in November 2017, the management team is pursuing a new strategy: The Altendorf Group will expand and shall be established internationally as the brand for craftsmen in the field of panel based woodworking. In the future we will be adding to our product portfolio. Recently we acquired the German manufacturer of high-quality edge banding machines, Hebrock. Further acquisitions are to follow in the near future and all products will of course be offered to our US customers.

  Item Manufacturer Machine Name Condition
F2_2019_int_altendorf_rgb.jpg252300NAltendorfHebrock Model F2 SeriesNew
top2000_vorne_ohne_Rollen_2019_int_rgb.jpg252400NAltendorfHebrock Model Top 2000 Plus Series EdgebanderNew
252500N-1.jpg252500NAltendorfHebrock Model F 5 EdgebanderNew
91501-1.jpg91503NAltendorfModel F 45 ElmoDriveNew
91600N-1.jpg91600NAltendorfF45 Artisian Series - Pro 3200 (10ft)New
91700N-1.jpg91700NAltendorfF45 Craftsman Series - Pro 3200 (10ft)New
91900N-1.jpg91900NAltendorfF45 Craftsman Series - Pro 3200 DT (10ft)New
911000N-1.jpg911000NAltendorfF45 Builder Series - EVO 3200 (10ft)New
911100N-1.jpg911100NAltendorfF45 Producer Series - EVO 3200 (10ft)New
911200N-1.jpg911200NAltendorfF45 Master Series - Elmo 3200 DT (10ft)New
WA_8_T.jpg911300NAltendorfWA8 T 3200 Start Series Sliding Table SawNew
WA_8_TE.jpg911400NAltendorfWA8 TE Start Series Sliding Table SawNew
Michael_Waddell-WA8-X_MAKER-GM.jpg911500NAltendorfWA8-X Maker Series Sliding Table SawNew
Display_Craft_WA80TE_191106DC3.jpg911600NAltendorfWA 80 TE 3200 Sliding Table SawNew