Vecoplan is the leading manufacturer of wood waste grinders. Throughout the world, wood industries choose Vecoplan industrial wood chippers to better manage the wasted wood that is produced as a byproduct of their manufacturing processes. Sometimes used for simple volume reduction of scrap wood, in order to reduce the cost of hauling it to the landfill, Vecoplan grinders can also turn wood waste into something valuable.

  Item Manufacturer Machine Name Condition
3298N-41.JPG3298NVecoplanModel VTH 35/8/2 VU Horizontal Grinder & ConveyorNew
32200N Vecoplan VAZ 1300 M XL Vertical Wood Shredd32200NVecoplanVAZ 1300 M XL Vertical Rotary ShredderNew
32250N Vecoplan VAZ 1600 M XL Vertical Wood Shredd32250NVecoplanVAZ 1600 M XL Vertical Rotary ShredderNew
32260Ni-03.JPG32260NVecoplanModel VTH 45/12/2 VU 60 HP Horizontal Wood GrinderNew
Screen_Shot_2020-10-28_at_10.03.14_AM.png32310NVecoplanRotary Waste Grinder VHZ 600New
Screen_Shot_2020-10-28_at_10.03.14_AM.png32320NVecoplanRotary Waste Grinder VAZ 800New
Screen_Shot_2020-10-28_at_10.03.14_AM.png32330NVecoplanRotary Waste Grinder VAZ 1100New
Screen_Shot_2020-10-28_at_10.03.14_AM.png32340NVecoplanRotary Waste Grinder VHZ 1100XLNew
32531Ni-02.JPG32351NVecoplanModel VHZ 800 Vertical Wood ShredderNew
32400N-1.jpg32400NVecoplanHorizontal Wood Grinder VTH 45/12/2 VUNew
32500N-1.jpg32500NVecoplanHorizontal Feed Grinder VTH 35/8/2 VUNew
32600N-1.jpg32600NVecoplanRotary Waste Grinder VAZ 80-30New