OliverOliver Machinery
Oliver Machinery can trace its roots all the way back to 1890 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Today, Oliver offers a full line of industrial classical equipment such as shapers, planers, jointers, table saws, straight line rip saws, and much more! Oliver machines improve on existing technology by utilizing features such as carbide helical cutterheads, computerized controls and sensors, segmented infeed rollers, and advanced safety features.

  Item Manufacturer Machine Name Condition
Oliver MP1.jpg12500NOliverModel 8015 Membrane PressNew
2107.jpg21100NOliverModel 6510 Single Spindle Automatic DovetailerNew
22100f.jpg22100NOliverModel 7660 Dowel Rod Milling MachineNew
Oliver 7145.jpg24200NOliverModel 7145 3 HP Portable Dust Collector, 1PHNew
26100g.jpg26100NOliverModel 9130 12" End Matcher w/ Infeed & Outfeed TabNew
Oliver apf0048.jpg27400NOliverModel APF0048 Uni-Buddy 4-Roll Stock FeederNew
Oliver-APF0038.jpg27500NOliverModel APF0038 Uni-Buddy 3-Roll Stock FeederNew
33200g.jpg33200NOliverModel 4230 8" JointerNew
33250Na.jpg33250NOliverModel 4240 10" Jointer with Byrd Shelix CutterheadNew
oliver para.jpg33400NOliverModel 4260, 12" JointerNew
33700N1.jpeg33700NOliverModel 4220, 6" Jointer Insert Helical CutterheadNew
rtgeneric33811NOliver10" Jointer 5Hp 3Ph with Byrd Shelix CutterheadNew
41100.JPG41100NOliverModel 2018 18" Heavy Duty Wood LatheNew
rtgeneric41105NOliverModel 2018 18" Heavy Duty Wood LatheNew
51100.jpg51100NOliver4455 22" Single-Sided Planer w/ Byrd Shelix HeadNew
51200c.JPG51200NOliverModel 4470 25" Planer w/ Shelix HeadNew
51300-03.JPG51300NOliverModel 4420 16" Planer w/ Helical CutterheadNew
Oliver 5235.1.jpg52400NOliverModel 5235 24" Double Surface PlanerNew
62500d.jpg62500NOliverModel 6310 - 6" x 108" Oscillating Edge SanderNew
Oliver 6315.1.jpg62550NOliverModel 6315 - 9" x 138" Oscillating Edge SanderNew
62600N.jpeg62600NOliverModel 6305 Edge SanderNew
6910-003-2.jpg68100NOliverModel 6910 Oscillating Spindle SanderNew
Oliver bandsaw.jpg72100NOliverModel M-4630, 18" BandsawNew
72200-04.JPG72200NOliverModel 4620 14" BandsawNew
72300N-1.jpg72300NOliverModel 4640 - 20" BandsawNew
72300N-1.jpg73100NOliverModel 4665 - 24" BandsawNew
4650-22-Bandsaw 1.jpg73400NOliverModel 4650 22" BandsawNew
75104N-06.JPG75100NOliverModel 4680 Band Resaw with Digital ReadoutNew
80200r.jpg80200NOliverModel 5045 Semi-Optimizing Cut Off SawNew
80201r.jpg80201NOliverModel 5045 Semi-Optimizing Cut Off SawNew
81300b.jpg81300NOliverModel 5025 Cut-off SawNew
85200-04.JPG85200NOliverModel 4920 Straight Line Rip SawNew
89100N.jpeg89100NOliverMod. 4016.003 10" Pro Table Saw 5Hp 1Ph w/36" RailNew
89221N-02.JPG89200NOliverMod. 4016.003-A001 10" Pro Table Saw 5Hp 1Ph w/52"New
10-table-saw.jpeg89300NOliverMod. 4016.004" 10" Pro Table Saw 5Hp 3Ph w/36" RaiNew
rtgeneric89316NOliverMod. 4045.004-A001 12" HD Table Saw 7.5Hp 3Ph w/52New
rtgeneric89317NOliverMod. 4045.004-A001 12" HD Table Saw 7.5Hp 3Ph w/52New
89221N-02.JPG89400NOliverMod. 4016.004-A001 10" Pro Table Saw 5Hp 3Ph w/52"New
10-table-saw.jpeg89500NOliverMod. 4045.003 12" HD Table Saw 5Hp 1Ph w/36" RailsNew
10-table-saw.jpeg89600NOliverMod. 4045.003-A001 12" HD Table Saw 5Hp 1Ph w/52" New
10-table-saw.jpeg89700NOliverMod. 4045.004 12" HD Table Saw 7.5Hp 3Ph w/36" RaiNew
10-table-saw.jpeg89800NOliverMod. 4045.004-A001 12" HD Table Saw 7.5Hp 3Ph w/52New
90200g.jpg90200NOliverModel 4060 16" Table SawNew
93200n.jpg93200NOliverModel 4705 ShaperNew
rtgeneric93239NOliver4705.001 Shaper 5HPNew
rtgeneric93241NOliver4705.002 Shaper 7.5 HPNew
rtgeneric93242NOliver4705.002 Shaper 7.5 HPNew
Oliver 1 hp d.jpg248000NOliverModel 7120 Dust Collector, 1PHNew
rtgeneric249252NOliver7145.001 Portable Dust Collector 3 HP 1phNew
rtgeneric249253NOliver7145.001 Portable Dust Collector 3 HP 1phNew