Mereen-Johnson sets the standard for Leading Technology and Lasting Performance. Mereen-Johnson makes a complete line of rip saw optimizing systems, moving blade gang rip saws, fixed-arbor rip saws, high speed roll feed rip saws, high production run dovertailers and box presses, and a complete line of world-class tenoners, door sizing systems, panel sizing systems, ceiling tile production equipment, high pressure laminate trim lines, I-joist and other structural wood production lines. RT Machine is proud to be an exclusive Mereen-Johnson distributor.

  Item Manufacturer Machine Name Condition
14300Na.JPG14300NMereen-JohnsonModel 99-D-BOX Drawer ClampNew
21201N-01.JPG21200NMereen-JohnsonModel 1105-G CNC DovetailerNew
21700N-1.jpg21700NMereen-JohnsonModel 1101 CNC DovetailerNew
86200N.jpeg86200NMereen-JohnsonModel 312-DC Straight Line Multiple Gang Rip SawNew
rtgeneric86300NMereen-JohnsonModel 312-DC Ripsaw with Twistlock CollarsNew
86400N.jpg86400NMereen-JohnsonModel 312-DC/SR1 "Select-A-Rip" Straight LineNew
86500N.jpg86500NMereen-JohnsonModel 312-DC/SR2 w/TRACKER Rip Optimizing InfeedNew
86600k.jpg86600NMereen-JohnsonModel 312-DC/SR2 "Select-A-Rip" Multiple Rip SawNew
86700N.jpeg86700NMereen-JohnsonModel 312-DC/SR2 Navigator Scout Rip Optimizing SNew
86900N-1.jpg86900NMereen-JohnsonModel 424-DC Straight Line Multiple Rip SawNew
861101N-3.jpg861101NMereen-JohnsonModel 524-DC/SR4 Select-A-Rip Multiple Rip Saw w/ Scout InfeedNew
get_image_cached.php.jpeg861102NMereen-JohnsonModel 524-DC/SR4 Select-A-Rip Multiple Rip SawNew
get_image_cached.php-2.jpeg861103NMereen-JohnsonModel Rip Navigator Scout Rip Optimizing SystemNew
MJ DET.jpg101300NMereen-JohnsonDouble End Tenoner Machining CentersNew