Clamps - Case/Door/Misc
  Item Manufacturer Machine Name Condition
375small.jpg11200NRitterModel R-375V Cabinet Door Assembly SystemNew
Ritter R210E_A.jpeg11210NRitterModel R210E/A Open Back Face Frame Assembly EaselNew
Ritter 215E_A.jpeg11220NRitterModel R215E/A Face Frame Assembly EaselNew
Ritter 250E_A.jpeg11230NRitterModel R250E/A Framemaster Face-Frame/Door Assembly ClampNew
11240Ni-01.JPG11240NRitterModel R275E/A Mini-Framer Frame Assembly EaselNew
Ritter R300.jpeg11250NRitterModel R300 Raised Panel Door Clamping SystemNew
Ritter R450.jpeg11260NRitterModel R450V Raised Panel Door Assembly SystemNew
Screen_Shot_2020-04-13_at_4.03.19_PM.png11270NRitterModel R885 Drawer Box AssemblyNew
11300N.jpg11300NRitterModel R200E/A Frame Assembly SystemNew
Narrowstilewithshadow_0.jpg11440NJLTModel 717A-DC Narrow Stile Door ClampNew
11441N-1.jpg11441NJLTModel 717A-DC Stile and Rail Door ClampNew
11500N.jpeg11500NJLTModel 79K-10 Entry Door and Frame ClampNew
11600na.jpg11600NJLTModel #718A-8 8' Narrow Stile Buddy SystemNew
11700N-2.jpg11700NJLTModel 717A-M Narror Stile Miter Door ClampNew
11860N.png11860NCastleModel AT-Race 8 Face Frame Assembly TableNew
14100g.jpg14100NJLTModel #190B-M3 Heavy Duty Drawer ClampNew
14200f.jpg14200NJLTModel #190B-M3-48 Heavy Duty Drawer Box ClampNew
JLT 190C -M1.jpeg14250NJLTModel 190C-M2 Large Capacity Drawer & Box Case ClNew
14300Na.JPG14300NMereen-JohnsonModel 99-D-BOX Drawer ClampNew
Screen_Shot_2020-04-09_at_2.38.05_PM.png14400NOmecModel SBM 1200 Drawer Box ClampNew
Screen_Shot_2020-04-09_at_2.47.26_PM.png14410NOmecModel SCM 1200 Hydraulic Draw ClampNew
SP 1-A Through Feed Case Clamp.jpg15300NItalpresseModel SP/1-A Automatic Through Feed Case ClampNew
15400N-1.jpg15400NUhlingHP 2000 Case ClampNew
HP3000.jpg15800NUhlingHP 3000 Case ClampNew
HP40001.jpg15900NUhlingHP 4000 Case ClampNew
111100N-1.jpg111100NTaylorModel #713A-8-A 8 Section Stile and Rail Door ProNew
111200N-1.jpg111200NJLTModel 717A-DDC 38" x 96"New
111300N-1.jpg111300NJLTModel 717A-TDC 38" x 96"New