Used IMA Model Advantage/6620 Automatic Edgebander

Stock #25125 - Sold (As Taken From Service)


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  • Minimum Material Width: 60mm
  • Material Thickness: 10 - 50mm
  • Minimum Material Length: 150mm
  • Capable of Applying Veneer Tape from Coils or Strips, PVC Edgings from Coils or Strips, and Solid-Wood Lippings
  • Edge Thickness: 0.4 - 20mm
  • Six-Roll Pressure Section
  • Two-Spindle (Jump Capable) Pre-Milling Station
  • Pre-Melt Adhesive Hopper
  • Two-Motor End-Trim
  • Top & Bottom Flush Trim
  • MMU Fine-Trim & Corner Rounding Unit
  • Top & Bottom Profile Scraping
  • Glue Scraping
  • Top & Bottom Buffing
  • Top & Bottom "Smoothing" Unit
  • Variable Speed Feed from 13 - 65 FPM

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