Used Newman S-382 Double Sided 30" Rough-Lumber Planer

Stock #5293 - Sold (Cleaned and Checked)


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Stk 5293-29.JPG
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  • Maximum Stock Capacity: 30" Wide x 6" Thick
  • Shortest Stock (Not Butted): 51"
  • Newman QUIETCUT Eight-Row Helical Carbide Cutterheads
  • Top Head Motor: 75 HP, 230/460v, 3ph, 3550 RPM
  • Bottom Head Motor: 40 HP, 230/460v, 3ph, 3510 RPM
  • Three Pneumatic Tire Top Infeed Rolls
  • Hydraulic Feed-Works Powered By 25 HP Pump Motor
  • Variable Speed Feed from 40-300 FPM!
  • Sectional Chipbreaker
  • Automatic Cut Control
  • Anti-Lap Device
  • Includes 30" x 20' Infeed Conveyor
  • Includes all Grinding Equipment
  • Push-Button Controls

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