Used Mercury Model DUO 73 Vacuum Press Thermal Foil Machine

Stock #200444 - Sold (As Is)



  • Combination Unit Has Two Tables Linked Together
  • Table Sizes: 47" x 70"
  • Usable Platen Dimension of 41" x 64" When Laminating Top & Edge Profiles
  • Part Lay-Up Work Table is Composed of 3/8" Cast 7 Ground Aluminum
  • 3 HP Vacuum Pump w/ Speed Control
  • Approx. Ten Gallon Surge Tank
  • Bulb Heating Unit is a 50" x 72" Overhead Electrical Heating Enclosure that Slides Back/Forth Over the Layup Area, also with Vacuum Cycle that Switches Back/Forth After the Complete Cycle
  • Heat Enclosure with Black Phase Infrared Heating Elements & Insulated Top
  • Temp Range: 160-280
  • Digital temperature Controller w/ LED Readout
  • Timed Press Cycle w/ Audible Alarm
  • Once Section Cycles while the Other Can Be Free for Loading/Unloading
  • Serial- 3024

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