New Oliver Model 8015 Membrane Press

Stock #12500N - Available (New)


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  • Capable of Bonding PET, PVC, Termo-Transfer Foil, and other Films to MDF, PB, Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Plastic, and Others
  • Two 50" x 102" Working Tables
  • Working Height: 3.15"
  • Working Table Motors: 1/2 HP Each
  • Hydraulic Pump Motor: 15 HP
  • Two 80mm Diameter Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Heating Capacity: 37kw
  • Vacuum Pump: 2 HP
  • User-Friendly Control Panel Offers Quick Adjustment of Temperature, Pressure, & Time
  • Dependable U-Type Heating Coils Nestled Evenly Throughout the Chamber
  • Internal Air-Holding Tank Allows for Faster Heating Time
  • PLC Control

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