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New Friulmac Randomat-E Automatic End Profiling Machine

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  • Friulmac Randomat-E Automatic End Profiling Machine
  • End Matching of Flooring or Coping Cabinet Rails
  • Work Piece Length 6.3" min to 98" Max *(98” is the suggested maximum length for the part to be totally supported. Pieces over 2.5 meters in length may need extra support but can still process without problem.)
  • Workpiece Width 1-3/16" to 10"
  • Workpiece Thickness .39" to 1-1/8"
  • Cutterhead Motors 7.5HP each
  • Spindle diameter 40mm
  • Spindle Length 70mm
  • Spindle Rotation Speed 7200 RPM
  • Tool Diameter 210mm Max
  • Axial Adjustment 10mm
  • Infeed Belt Length 10'
  • Outfeed Belt Length 10'
  • Total Working Length Tolerance +/- 0.10mm
  • Capacity 10-12 pcs/min (Variable according to the Piece Dimensions) Max
  • The random length components are feed onto the infeed belt, from the right to the left, they are positioned against a reference fence and pneumatically clamped near to the first working unit and starts the end processing
  • At the end of the first cycle, the work-piece is transferred onto the outfeed belt by means of a motorized track and it is positioned and clamped near to the second unit. At the same time a new work-piece is positioned near to the first unit so that, while the back end of a work-piece is being processed, the other unit process the front end of the next work-piece
  • Work-pieces clamping before processing is provided by horizontal and vertical pneumatic cylinders which operate in sequence. The regulation of the clamping systems in the sense of the work-piece length and width is obtained by ACME-thread screw; quotes are visualised on mechanical digital indicators. Conveyor belts operating speeds are driven by inverter and they are adjustable from the control board independently one from the other. Machine standard equipped with manual quick aluminium hack-up block changing system

Additional Machine Information
- FandF_ing fra spa.pdf

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