New Friulmac Dualfeed Auto Double Cross-Cut Saw Moulder Feeder

Stock #47500N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Friulmac Model Dualfeed Auto Double Cross-Cut Saw Moulder Feeder
  • Maximum feeding speed 50 pieces/min.
  • Cutting length 10.2" to 79" max
  • Work piece width .79" to 4.3" max
  • Work piece thickness .59" to 3.15" max
  • Saw motors 4HP; 2850 rpm with brake
  • Spindle diameter 35mm
  • Work pieces vertical hopper feeder adjustable in width, provided with pneumatic equalizer for the correct positioning of the parts before entrance into the working stations
  • Maximum tolerance allowed in the work pieces length is 70 mm
  • Hydraulic feeding system with 3HP motor
  • Work piece inserting system to the moulder obtained by means of two rollers driven by independent hydraulic motor
  • Working length adjusted with NC positioning system, 60 programmable lengths
  • Saw Blades Included

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