Used Black Brothers Panel Express Heated Pinch Roll Line

Stock #3814 - Sold (As Taken From Service)



  • This line is for Laminating various facing material to the top surface of particleboard or MDF using a water based, high tack, PVA type adhesive
  • In this operation, the adhesive is applied to the stock, then the HPL is immediately applied to the wet glue line and the complete assembly is passed through a rotary laminator to effect the bond
  • The panels are allowed to cure for about an hour before any major machining operations
  • Capacity of approximately 50 panels per hour depending on lay-up time
  • Panel sizes 3' to 5' wide x 8' to 12' long
  • Thickness: nominal 3/4"
  • Pneumatic feeder to feed 1/2" and thicker stock from scissors lift to panel cleaner
  • Modified S-36-060 scissors lift 6000 lb capacity 4' x 10'
  • Model 490, 68" top and bottom panel cleaner, Single speed drive 750 FPM brush speed and 80 FPM stock feed, Tampico fiber cleaning brushes (2) 8.5"
  • Model 775, 68" Top and Bottom glue spreader, Coating rolls(2)-- 7-3/4" O.D., 60 Duro-A grooved 14 x 1/2 per A-21378, Doctor Rolls(2)--6-7/8" O.D., 90 Duro-A smooth, 1-1/2HP Single speed drive, 88 FPM
  • Laminate indexing station with conveyor belt for layup of individual panels for pressing, Designed to receive stock on center line from glue spreader, locate on belt conveyor, and provide ready access to face and backer sheets to be laid up with glued stock - sandwich is then transferred to press for bonding, unit is to handle panel sizes from 4' x 8' up to 5' x 12', Variable speed drive, 2HP, 50 to 100 FPM
  • Panel Express is to heat and pinch roll HPL or Veneer to Particleboard with Fast Track PVA adhesives, Opening 0" to 1.75" with lower screw adjustment, Pinch rolls(6) 7.50" OD x 61.0" face length, 70 Duro Silicone covered and ground, Variable speed 10-30 FPM, Four(4) 18kw wide area radiant heaters (two top and two bottom) with 2 SCR controls for heater adjustment
  • Outfeed scissors lift S-36-060, 6000 lb capacity, 4' x 10' with 36" vertical travel
  • New in 2003

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