New Oliver Model 4680 Band Resaw, 3PH

Stock #75101N - Sold (New)



  • Single saw head configuration
  • Motor powered set works for accurate saw wheel elevation
  • Digital position controller permits accurate saw wheel height positioning
  • Automatic blade tensioning controlled by hydraulic cylinder
  • Variable speed feed system driven by a hydraulic unit with a 3HP feed motor with speeds from 17-81 fpm
  • Air loaded pressure roller system for hold-downs
  • 300mm x 250mm thick capacity
  • 20HP, 3Ph main drive motor
  • Powered raise and lower with digital read-out to indicate height with a minimum re-sawing capacity of 3mm or approximately 1/8
  • Non-Driven Return Conveyor
  • Blade size 168 x 1
  • (3) 4 dust collection pick-up points
  • Serial # B14-064

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