New Steff Model 2048 4-Roll 8-Speed Power Feeder

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  • 4 Rollers - 8 Steady Speeds back and Forward Motion
  • 2 Speeds are obtained by changing the position of the Gears inside the housing, while other 2 speeds result from the switching of the bipolar engine (1400-2800 RPM)
  • 4 Rollers for more efficacious Feeding of the Work Piece
  • Motor Power enables any kind of Feeding
  • Resistant and Protective Electrostatic Powder Paint
  • Interchangeable Gears have been Sintered, Carbonitried and Tempered
  • Case Hardened and Rectified Endless Screw of the Motor Shaft enables Perfect Matching of the Bronze Aluminum Crown wheel (BR/AL UNI 5275) with Reducer Unit
  • Oil for the Reducer is (Mellana 150 IP or Similar ensures Unlimited Lubrication
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