Used Cefla UV Profile Spray Finishing System

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  • Delle Vedove Model VMN 2,000 lb. Belt Conveyor with Letterbox (Hopper)
  • Delle Vedove Model Brushtech 4 Brush Denibbing Sander with variable adjustable speed feed from 66 to 164 F.P.M., adjustable upper hold-downs, with four wheel units [one (1) right, one (1) left and two (2) top]; 900 R.P.M. brushing speed, with dust extraction for each head
  • Cefla Model NW4 In-Line Ultra Violet Spray Machine; provides automatic three side application of ultra violet material to the work piece with photo-eye sensor which activates intermittent spraying operation; each spray gun independently controlled and set-up [one (1) air circuit for each gun] for full application flexibility; over-spray recovery and exhaust air/coating separation system to retard emission of UV material to outside atmosphere; stainless steel over-spray collection and recovery tank; transport system includes an in-feed and out-feed conveyor belts and powered fixed position rollers through the application chamber (easily removable for ease of cleaning ) with variable conveying transport speed
  • Cefla Transfer Conveyor 5 feet in length
  • Cefla Model TLPF 3/100/2 INF Ultraviolet Curing System for Profiles; with three (3) high-intensity ultraviolet curing lamps for top side curing; two (2) lower mounted curing lamps with fixed power of 100 W/em. 250mm long, placed crosswise; UV lamp power supply is infinitely variable from 80 to 120 W/em (200 to 300 watts/in) and is manually set at the control board; UV lamps are equipped with shutters and half-power switching to close irradiation zone in event of a line stoppage; lamps and conveyor area are cooled by filtered air flow with variable speed drive system
  • Delle Vedove Model TR-OUT 2000/3 Semi-Automatic Unload Unit; for semi-automatic unload of linear profile work pieces; with three (3) transfer arms to support various work piece lengths; with variable speed drive with PVC-coated belts
  • Kremlin 17A High Pressure Pump System and five (5) Kremlin Model ATX HVLP spray guns
  • With a capacity to handle 48" long maximum or 22" long minimum and 12" wide maximum or 3/4" wide minimum and 2-1/4" thickness maximum or 3/16" thickness minimum material.

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