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New Razorgage Model Android ST 8' Stop System

Stock #81600N - Call For Availability (New)


RazorGage xT vs ST.png

  • Please Call to Discuss your Particular Application!
  • Razorgage Android ST 8' Stop system
  • Highly accurate and easy to use
  • Accuracy to +/- .008", repeatabilty +/- .0015"
  • Utilizes 7" Touch screen control with Android operating system
  • Requires a 120V, 10 Amp power source
  • Positioner rides on Hiwin Linear guide and linear bearing system for increased accuracy
  • Also uses a 30 tooth zero clearance pulley which allows for increased slip resistence, longer belt life, and the ability to exert a pushing force of 200 lbs at 10 inches per second
  • Planetary Gearhead with 3 load paths transmitting torque
  • Ability to use decimal or fractional measurements at the press of a button

Additional Machine Information
- RazorGage__Android_ST_Brochure_2013.pdf

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