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New JLT Model 79F-12-PC Panel Clamp

Stock #10400N - Call For Availability (New)

PRICE: $ 8,175.00

79F-12-PC Hanging Clamps.JPG
79F-12-PC Hanging Clamps.JPG
79F-12-PC with Operator and Hanging Clamps.JPG

  • JLT Model 79F-12-PC Panel Clamp
  • 12' Multi Level Edge Gluing System
  • Features:
  • 5 total gluing levels
  • Includes (30) 3 1/2" High Jaw 40" opening clamps
  • Edge Glue a variety of solid wood components
  • 100% steel tubular construction

Additional Machine Information
- JLT Custom Clamp for Professional Shop.pdf

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