Saws - Gang Rip

New Cameron Automation The Skew Rip Optimization Infeed

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  • Rip Optimization designed for the custom shop
  • Board Capacity (standard) 5' to 12' length, up to 10/4" thickness (16' model available)
  • Fixed or moving lasers
  • Boards are put on lay up section, the process button is pushed and the chains transfer board over measuring sensors. The fence is automatically positioned and the board is pushed against fence for evaluation
  • Fence with skew left or right to increase yield on boards that do not have a straight edge
  • Quickly and very accurately measures the board at multiple positions
  • Quickly presents the highest yield solutions to choose from
  • Calculate yield before ripping
  • Keep accurate tallies of net ripped widths
  • Adjust priorities to balance your production requirements
  • Evaluate arbor set ups to determine how to configure your saw
  • Arbor generating software included allows optimizing new arbor setups
  • Download and catalog each and every board that is scanned
  • Run simulations based on previously scanned boards or random width material
  • Network to other computers
  • Built in web server allows viewing of reports from a web browser
  • Installs on many different manufacturers gang rip saw
  • Dimensions: Height 30-36"(Adjustable to the saw), width 62", Depth 154"
  • Cameron Automation Offers a Wide Variety of Infeed Options, Please Call Today to Discuss your Particular Application! 570-584-2002

Additional Machine Information
- Cameron_Skew.pdf

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