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New Mereen-Johnson Model 312-DC/SR2 Navigator Scout Rip Optimizing S

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  • Mereen-Johnson Model 312-DC/SR2 Navigator Scout Rip Optimizing S Arranged to Receive 17'-6" Maximum Length Boards from Scissors Lift Manually placed on Board Dealer Arms
  • Individual Boards are Automatically Dealt onto Lateral Chains and Conveyed to a Board Stop
  • Board Stop Queues Boards for Advancement to Disappearing Fence
  • Disappearing Fence References Boards for Laser Light Rip Solution Reference
  • Automatic Adjusting Fence Positions Boards for Placement into Gang Rip Saw
  • Fence Positioning Through Rip Navigator
  • Fence Mounted Pinch Roll Feeds Board to Gang Rip Saw Mounted Power Table
  • Nominal 12" Wide Landing Shelf Attached to 36" Long Arms with 1-15/16" diameter Skate Wheels
  • Pivot Arm Stop Type Board Dealer with Mechanical Linkage Actuation from First Board Stop
  • Seven Chain Beams Supporting #60 Single Strand Flat Top Roller Chain
  • Chain Tensioners at Infeed of Chain Beams for Easy Access
  • 30" Minimum to 17'-6" Maximum Board Length Feeding Capability
  • Chain Feed Rate of 111′ Per Minute Driven by 2 HP Feed Unit
  • First Board Stop Positioned to Receive 22" Maximum Width Board from Board Dealer Arms
  • First Stop Queues Boards for Measuring Sensors
  • Disappearing Fence References Boards for Laser Light Intervention Station
  • Sixteen Sensors Mounted in Line after Board Queuing Board Stop
  • Sensors Measure Board Width and Shape. Board Data Provided to Rip Navigator Optimizing Software
  • Fence Adjustment through Servo Motor / Rack and Pinion Mechanism and Rides on THK Type Linear Rails
  • Fence Position Through Communication from Rip Navigator and Laser Light Intervention
  • Fence Mounted Pinch Roll Driven by Hydraulic Motor, Common Hydraulic Unit with Gang Rip Saw Mounted Power Table
  • Exclusive Cut Bill Rip Optimizing, Rip Tracking System includes a Panel PC with 15.1" Color Touch screen, Ethernet Port, and Modem Providing Integration to the Office and Phone support from Mereen-Johnson
  • Rip Navigator Controls the Position of the Laser Lights at the Operator's Intervention Station, Adjusts the Board Positioning Fence on the Infeed Chain Deck, and Positions the Select Saws for Maximizing Yield
  • Operator Control of Rip Solutions through Pedestal Mounted Touch Screen and Joystick
  • Automatic Mode for High Production Environments with no Operator Required at Laser Stand
  • Board Lengths can be Assigned to Widths to better Satisfy Part Size Requirements
  • This System Supports Yield and Value Modes of Optimization
  • Optimized Modes will Record Board and Rip Information to be used in Report Generation and Arbor Simulation
  • Report Generation will Tally the Lumber and Break Down the Rip Data into Board Feet, Linear Feet, Square Feet, Number of Boards and Mix Per Board Foot by Rip Widths
  • Four Laser Lights to Cast the Rip Solution on Board at the Disappearing Fence
  • Each Laser Light with Individual Horizontal Servo Motor Adjustment
  • Laser Light Control through Rip Navigator and Operator Intervention through Rip Navigator and Joystick

Additional Machine Information
- 312-DCSR.pdf

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