Saws - Gang Rip

New Mereen-Johnson Model 312-DC/SR2 "Select-A-Rip" Multiple Rip Saw

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  • Arbor Space of 12" featuring a 1" Min. to 12" Max. Cutting Capability between Select Saws
  • 2-3/4" Max. Thickness using 14" Dia. Tooling
  • 30" Min. Length Glue-joint Accuracy, 18" Min. Length for Bust-up Only
  • 6" Throat
  • Minimum Rip Width using TwistLock Collars is 1"
  • Minimum Rip Width with Traveling Shoe Hold Downs and TwistLock Collars is 1-1/8"
  • Minimum Rip Width between Outboard Select Saw and TwistLock Collar Blade is 1" Including the Movable Shoes
  • 50 HP 3600 RPM TEFC Mereen-Johnson Direct Arbor Drive
  • Arbor 2-9/16" dia. with Two (2) 1/2" Wide x 1/8" Deep Keyways 180 Degrees Opposed
  • Arbor Melonite Coated for Ease of Collar Adjust and Wear Resistance
  • Arbor Arranged for TwistLock Collars or Clamp-up Sleeve
  • Arbor Lock-out on Access Door
  • Air Actuated Disc Arbor Brake, Stops Arbor in Approx. 15 seconds
  • 3 HP TEFC Heavy Duty Feed Drive Assembly with Variable Frequency Drive, Feed Rates 30' to 235' Per Minute
  • Programmable Current Trip Jam Protection
  • POSI-FEED Dip Bed Carried on Precision Mereen-Johnson 5" Pitch
  • DOUBLE-VEE Feed Chain, Contoured Hardened Dip Cams, Extruded Structural Aluminum Feed Bed Slats with Replaceable Steel Backed Rubber Insert Strips
  • Oil Mist Lube with Low Level Auto Shut-off
  • Four 3" dia. Air Loaded Overhead Idle Press Rolls
  • Manual Vertical Adjust of Press Rolls and Bed Plate for Unit Vertical Adjust with Scale and Pointer Thickness Reference
  • Three Traveling Shoe Type Hold Downs
  • 1" min.Rip Width with Traveling Shoe Hold Downs on Select Saws
  • Two Shifting Saw Assemblies Arranged for Nominal 1" to 12" Net Rip Horizontal Adjustment
  • Arranged for 12" to 14" dia. Tooling
  • Saw Positioning Integrated to Infeed Floor Mounted 6" Diagonal Color Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Each Select Saw with Ten Preset Positions and Manual Position Jog Functions
  • Two Diode Laser Lights Provided for Select Saws Position Reference
  • One (1) Outboard TwistLock Saw Mounting Collar
  • Minimum Rip with of 1" with Standard Collar Orientation and 1-1/8" Minimum Rip Width with Movable Shoes
  • Machine Mounted, Pivoting Laser Light Mounting Bracket, Arranged for Maximum of Five (5) Laser Lights
  • Pivoting Feature Allows for Fast and Easy Laser Light to Saw Blade Alignment
  • One Diode Laser Light Provided for TwistLock Collar Mounted Saw Position Reference
  • One (1) Saw Blade Provided, 12" dia. x 36 tooth x .160" kerf x 3-1/8" bore with four .275" dia. Mounting Holes for TwistLock Collars
  • One (1) Select Saw Blade, 12" dia. x 36 tooth x .160" kerf x 3-1/8" bore with four .275" dia.
  • Mounting Holes
  • One (1) Select Saw Blade, 12" dia. x 36 tooth x .160" kerf x 5-3/8" bore with six .275" dia. Mounting Holes
  • Two Upper Dust Hoods; One 10" dia., One 5" dia.; One Lower 5" dia. Dust Hood (requires total 4,060 CFM at 5,000 FPM Velocity with 4" Water Gauge at hood opening)
  • Single Bottom and Double Upper Infeed and Single Upper Outfeed
  • Feed Drive with Variable Frequency Drive, and Programmable Current Trip
  • 110 Volt Control Circuits, Transformer and Fusing Provided
  • Safety Interlock in Starter Cabinet Door and Arbor Access Door
  • Arranged for 3/60/460 Volt Power Supply
  • Arbor Motor Fusing and Fused Main Disconnects Not Included
  • A Pad of 6" Reinforced Concrete is Recommended for Mounting and Securing the Machine

Additional Machine Information
- 312-DCSR.pdf

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