New RFS-Protech Model SL 36 x 60 High Freq Gluer

Stock #13300N - Available (New)



  • Curing area: 36 x 60 x 2 thick
  • Clamping pressure is applied by multi-power (dual pistons on a common shaft) pneumatic cylinders to maximize pressure while relying on standard plant pressures
  • Unlike presses without multi-power cylinders, which require booster compressors, the Model SL 36 x 60 reaches full capacity at 100-psi plant air pressure
  • Edge pressure is applied by eight (8) each pusher shoes, each with a 4 bore x 4 stroke twin-piston multi-power pneumatic cylinders
  • Top platen pressure is applied by two (2) 5 diameter x 16 stroke pneumatic cylinders which gives that keeps the footprint to a minimum while still allowing the operator full access to the platen area
  • The platen is set at a 45-degree angle and the top platen opens wide; allowing the operator to step inside the press for ergonomic and accurate parts placement
  • The internal solid state RFS Protech 4kW Generator cures approximately 400 square inches of glue line per minute
  • The Generator features solid state rectifiers and all aluminum cabinet for maximum conductivity and superior performance
  • Two-hand no-tie-down safety controls for closing the top platen
  • Controls are simple to understand, and are complete with the required push-buttons, switch, meters, digital operator display, and on-screen troubleshooting diagnostics
  • The machine is controlled by a PLC for dependability and efficient maintenance
  • All controls will be provided for safe and efficient operation
  • The operator screen permits efficient operation, and the included press diagnostics screens assist in trouble-shooting when the need arises
  • Proper interfaces will be provided for operational signals and emergency system stop
  • All necessary RF controls, including buttons, meters, and PLC operator interface panel are mounted on a control panel attached to the left front of the press
  • Interlocked top platen and safety switches on all access doors insure operator safety
  • Power requirements are 480 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase electric unless otherwise specified
  • Circuit breaker protection is provided
  • A service disconnect is required for safety, but is not provided.

Additional Machine Information
- RFS Protech- Model SL 3648 and 3660.pdf

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