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New Mereen-Johnson Model 312-DC/SR2 w/TRACKER Rip Optimizing Infeed

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  • Mereen-Johnson Rip Navigator TRACKER Infeed Rip Optimizing System and Model 312-DC/SR2 “Select-A-Rip”™ Multiple Rip Saw for 16' Lumber
  • Tracker infeed Arranged for manual loading of individual boards onto the infeed of the chains. Chains to convey individual boards to the board stop, across a measuring sensor array and to an automatic adjusting fence in preparation for feeding into the Model 312-DC/SR2. Rip Navigator software uses the board dimensional information to position the automatic adjusting fence and positions the select blades on the Model 312-DC/SR2. Laser Rack mounted laser lights reference the fixed blade positions and select saw actuator mounted laser lights reference the position of the select blades, providing a visual of the rip solution on the board. Operator intervention of the rip solution is through Rip Navigator. Pushbutton control to accept the solution activates lowering the board onto the roll case with driven rolls and lowers the fence mounted upper pinch rolls to feed the board into the gang rip saw. The fence references the boards to the RH (inboard) side of the gang rip saw
  • Arbor Space of 12" featuring a 1" Min. to 12" Max. cutting capability between select saws
  • 3" Max. Thickness using 14" Dia. Tooling
  • 30" Min. Length Glue-joint Accuracy and feeding from Tracker infeed
  • Minimum Rip Width using TwistLock Collars is 1"
  • Minimum Rip Width with Traveling Shoe Hold Downs and TwistLock Collars is 1-1/8"
  • Minimum Rip Width between Outboard Select Saw and TwistLock Collar Blade is 1" Including the Movable Shoes
  • 50 HP 3600 RPM TEFC Mereen-Johnson Direct Arbor Drive
  • Arbor 2-9/16" dia. with Two (2) 1/2" Wide x 1/8" Deep Keyways 180 degrees Opposed
  • Arbor Arranged for TwistLock Collars or Clamp-up Sleeve
  • Air Actuated Disc Arbor Brake, Stops Arbor in Approx. 15 seconds
  • 3 HP TEFC Heavy Duty Feed Drive Assembly with Variable Frequency Drive, Feed Rates 30' to 235' Per Minute
  • Mereen-Johnson exclusive POSI-FEED Dip Bed Carried on Precision Mereen-Johnson 5" Pitch
  • DOUBLE-VEE Feed Chain, Contoured Hardened Dip Cams, Extruded Structural Aluminum Feed Bed Slats with Replaceable Steel Backed Rubber Insert Strips
  • Four 3" dia. Air Loaded Overhead Idle Press Rolls
  • Two Shifting Saw Assemblies Arranged for Nominal 1" to 12" Net Rip Horizontal Adjustment
  • Arranged for 12" to 14" dia. Tooling

Additional Machine Information
- Mereen Johnson- 'Scout' Rip Navigator 1.pdf

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