New Mereen-Johnson Model 99-D-BOX Drawer Clamp

Stock #14300N - Available (New)



  • Tubular weldment frame with built-in leveling bolts and anchor feet
  • Horizontal axis: horizontal axis traversed on precision linear rails with reciprocating bearings, manual slide to position adjust, air cylinder rack lock integrated with clamp controls
  • scale and pointer position reference
  • clamp through air actuation
  • Min. Clamping Size: 3-1/2" wide x 10" long x 1" deep
  • Max. Clamping Size: 36" wide x 42" long x 15" deep
  • Horizontal Clamping Pressure: 2000 lbs. max.
  • Air requirement: 80-100 psi, maximum 5 cfm required
  • Air supply line: 3/4" diameter
  • CONTROLS Air valve push buttons for horizontal axis through dual palm type controls, R.H. side, interlocked for operator safety

Additional Machine Information
- 99D Box Clamp Revised 2018-min.pdf

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