New Mereen-Johnson Model 312-DC/SR1 "Select-A-Rip" Straight Line

Stock #86400N - Available (New)



  • Arbor space of 12" featuring a 1� minimum to 12� maximum cutting capability between saws. 3" maximum thickness using 14" diameter tooling. 30" minimum length glue-joint accuracy, 22" minimum length for bust-up only. 6" throat. Minimum rip width using CamLock collars (Patent Pending) is 1�. Minimum rip width with traveling shoe hold downs and CamLock collars is 1-3/8�. Minimum rip width between the select saw and CamLock collar blade is 1-1/4� including the movable shoes
  • Motor: 50 HP 3600 RPM TEFC Mereen-Johnson direct arbor drive
  • Arbor 2-9/16� dia. with two (2) �� wide x 1/8� deep keyways 180� opposed
  • Arbor melonite coated for ease of collar adjust and wear resistance. Arbor arranged for CamLock (Patent Pending) Collars and clamp-up sleeve
  • Arbor lock-out on access door
  • Air actuated disc arbor brake, stops arbor in approx. 15 seconds
  • One shifting saw assembly arranged for nominal 1� to 12" net rip horizontal adjustment. Arranged for 12" to 14" dia. tooling. Saw positioning integrated to infeed floor mounted 6� diagonal color touch screen operator interface. Select saw with ten preset positions and manual position jog functions. One diode laser light provided for select saw position reference
  • TTwo (2) outboard �CamLock� (Patent Pending) saw mounting collars. Minimum rip with of 1� with standard collar orientation and 1-3/8� minimum rip width with movable shoes
  • Two (2) saw blades provided, 12� dia. x 36 tooth x .160� kerf x 3-1/2� bore with four .275� diameter mounting holes for CamLock collars
  • One (1) select saw blade, 12� dia. x 36 tooth x .160� kerf x 3-1/8� bore with four .275� diameter mounting holes
  • Machine mounted, pivoting laser light mounting bracket, arranged for mounting up to five (5) laser lights. Pivoting feature allows for fast and easy laser light to saw blade alignment. Two diode laser lights provided for CamLock collar mounted saw position reference. Additional laser lights quoted as options
  • 3 HP TEFC heavy duty feed drive assembly with variable frequency drive, feed rates 30' to 150' per minute
  • Programmable current trip jam protection
  • Hold downs & Bed plate: Four 3" dia. air loaded overhead idle press rolls
  • Full width segmented maple overhead spring loaded bedplate
  • Manual handwheel vertical adjust of press rolls and bed plate for unit vertical adjust with scale and pointer thickness reference
  • Kickback fingers: Single bottom and double upper infeed, and single upper outfeed

Additional Machine Information
- Mereen-Jonhson Rip Navigator.pdf

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