New Northtech Model NT-525 Shaper

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  • Northtech Model NT-525 Shaper
  • Interchangeable Spindles
  • Choice of 3/4, 1", 1-1/4" or 19mm, 25.4mm, 30mm. Spindles has MK5 Taper to ensure precision Fitting and allow quick change-over.
  • Quick Change Spindle Speeds
  • Four Speed Dynamically Balanced Pulley for spindle speeds of 3000,4500,7500,and 10000 RPM
  • Reversible Spindle Rotation
  • Spindle is to ensure safe rotation is both clockwise and counter-clockwisej direction.
  • Spindle Raising
  • The Spindle is raised and lowered by a graduated hand wheel, providing 1mm elevation per full revolution. Spindle travel:130mm (5")
  • Quick Clamp lever positively holds spindle at a set height.
  • Table Inserts
  • The Spindle is fitted with 2 insert rings (6-3/8" and 8-5/8") permitting for use of a wide variety of shapers cutters and spindle speeds.
  • Fence
  • The Fence assembly is attached with a 4" diameter outlet dust hood, the Fence halves can be precision adjusted micrometry adjustment knob with 0.008" graduation
  • Table
  • The table is made from high quality cast iron (FC-35 Grade) and undercast ribbing is engineered for maximum strength and long term table stability. Table surface is precision ground and polished.

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