New Northtech Model NT-iGlue450DTG Automatic Dovetail Gluer

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  • Northtech Model NT-iGlue450DTG Automatic Dovetail Gluer
  • Simply place the parts against the fence, the iGlue will scan and apply glue to either male or female side of the joint automatically, with no programming required
  • Working width: 450mm (18")
  • Working thickness: 5-50mm (3/16" - 2")
  • Working length minimum: 100mm (4")
  • (3) Programmable working speeds
  • Maximum operating speed: 1.4in/s
  • Multiple glue nozzle applicators for varying customer needs
  • Siko counter fence depth setting
  • Removable glue catch basin
  • Replaceable no drip nozzle
  • Glue and water pot on an internal cart system that pulls outside the machine for easy access
  • LED Illuminated working area
  • Automatic sleep mode will place the nozzle into a water bath after 5 minutes without use to keep glue tip fresh
  • Auto cleaning mode fl ushes glue out of system easily
  • Single pneumatic connection with FLR included
  • Easy smartphone integration for parameter adjustments and maintenance alerts
  • Glue reservoir: 10L Adjustable pressure glue pot included
  • Water reservoir: 4L Adjustable pressure water pot included
  • Recommended glue type: Water soluble PVA glue 8,000mpa s
  • Machine / Shipping weight: 436lbs / 528lbs
  • Machine / Shipping dimensions (LxWxH): 38" x 44" x 18" / 44" x 54" x 26"
  • • 230V/460V 60HZ 3PH; 200W; 1Amp

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