Finishing Equipment

Used Rigma Roll-Coating UV/IR Flat-Line Finishing Line w/ Doucet Packaging

Stock #29131 - Available (As Is)



  • Hardwood Flooring Finishing System with Rigma Roll-Coaters, UV Light Ovens, and Doucet Outfeed/Packaging System
  • Rigma Cleaning Brush Station
  • Two Rigma RR-W4CCB Two Top Head Roll Coaters
  • Rigma RSD-1350 Two Top Head Stain Wiper/Brush Machine
  • UV Light Three-Lamp UV Station
  • UV Light GY2030IRS Infrared Forced Air Warming Tunnel
  • Chia Lung SS13502-D350U Two Head Denibber Scuff Brush Machine
  • Rigma RB-401-2.5M Panel Cleaning Brush
  • Portec Flowmaster 180-Degree Radius Conveyor
  • Rigma RR-W4CB Single Top Roll Coater
  • UV Light Two Lamp UV Oven
  • Rigma RR-W4CB CERAMIC Top Roll Coater
  • UV Light Two-Lamp UV Oven
  • Rigma RR-W4CB Top Roll Coater
  • UV Light Two-Lamp UV Oven
  • Chia Lung SS13503-D35OU Three-Head Denniber Scuffing Brush Machine
  • Rigma Panel Cleaning Brush Machine
  • Rigma RR-W4CB Top Roll Coater
  • UV Light GY210SW Two Lamp UV Oven
  • Rigma RR-W4CCB Two Top Roll Coater
  • UV Light GY2105SW/206IRS Oven with one IR Lamp and Five UV Lamps
  • Portech 90-Degree Radius Conveyor
  • Rigma 146"L & 228" Long Belt Conveyors
  • Doucet CR5-15 28-Layer Elevator, which Holds Panels in the Case of an Issue Elsewhere in the Line
  • Two Doucet Outfeed Bridges & Accumulators, Feeding Product to the Packing Stations
  • Two Manual Boxing Stations (Machine Feeds Pre-Measured Layers to the Operators)
  • Doucet Box Closer
  • Three Dynatec N3400 Strapping Machines
  • Outfeed Stacker and Chains, Counts Number of Boxes and Stacks them for Forklift Transport
  • This Line Also Includes: Many Pumps & Pots, Three Hydraulic Barrel Shaker/Pouring Units
  • One PPG Barrel Spinner
  • Two MicroTherm Chromalox Machines
  • Many Spare Rolls for the Roll Coaters and Sander
  • Automatic Labelers for the Boxing Area
  • Unusued Finish Inventory
  • Additional Information and Photos of Individual Pieces Are Available
  • This item is part of a plant liquidation. The buyer will be responsible for rigging, loading, and transport costs.

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