Borers - 32mm

New Oliver Model 5155 Boring Machine

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  • Oliver Model 5155 Boring Machine
  • Oliver’s 5155 vertical boring machine while economical, is built to precision. The single row of 21 spindles can be easily adjusted from the front of the machine for quick set up times. A mechanical digital readout allows for accurate and consistent depth setting. One press of a foot pedal automatically starts the drilling operation via an air cylinder. The gear head is constructed with sintered steel gears in an aluminum housing and will give long life and accurate drilling. Included is a 9 foot back stop with 4 adjustable stops.
  • The sintered steel geared head in aluminum housing gives long life and accuracy. Quick chucks are provided for quick and easy bit changes.
  • Controls are conveniently located off the front panel.
  • Mechanical digital counter accurately lets the operator know the correct depth setting.
  • Powerful 2.5HP motor drives the gear head and only runs during the drilling operation.
  • Two spring loaded pressure feet keep the material firmly planted throughout the drilling operation.
  • Two guide pins are mounted into the boring head for repetitive operation.
  • Four adjustable stops are provided with the aluminum extruded 9’ back fence.
  • Massive air cylinder easily provides the drilling force needed for the 21 spindle gear head.
  • Mechanical digital read out allows for accurate and consistent depth setting without scratching on the panel surface.
  • Convenient operation is made by simply pressing on a foot switch. Easy to maintain.
  • Motor starts only when in boring stroke to extend service life, save power consumption and reduces noise.
  • Fence and stop are fast set to the desired size.
  • Quickly chucks provide confide convenient fitting and dismantling for boring bits. Standard attached with 1/3 pcs.
  • Motor 2.5HP
  • Table size 19 x 47in / 480 x 1200mm
  • Max. drilling depth 3in / 75mm
  • Max. Distance between center 1.26in / 32mm
  • Compress air required 13/18 lbs / 6-8kg/cm2
  • Number of spindle per boring head 21
  • 220 v Single Phase

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