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New Denray Model 4872MB Mini Booth

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  • Denray's 4872MB or Mini Booth is designed to provide a user-friendly solution for larger items or parts that need to be moved in on carts.  The Mini Booth comes with remarkable size versatility.  Standard size is 72"; one or two 12" panels can be ordered to create a 7-foot or 8-foot work area.  The standard depth is 36" with 24" sides which can also be expanded by ordering additional depth panels.  Standard filters for the Mini Booth are 80/20 filter media and the Grind models are 100% polyester Spunbond filters.  Both filters clean at 99.95% efficiency at .5 micron. Cleaning is done by the "Jet Pulse Automatic Cleaning System", which uses compressed air from within the air tank. On our Grind model, Mini Booth, we also include a spark baffle containing steel mesh filter which creates a barrier to stop the heavy sparks from traveling to the cartridge filters, extending the life of the filters.  All Mini Booths come standard with a muffler.
    Additional Options:
  • Easily Expandable to 7 or 8 feet in width
  • Easily Expandable Depth
  • For best dust capture, work should be done with available side panels
  • Light Bars available
  • HEPA Filter Banks
  • Carbon Filter Banks (odor control)

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