Edge Banders

New Cehisa Model OPTIM P Automatic Edgebander

Stock #253100N - Available (New)



    Edgebanding Material
  • Melamine / PVC / ABS / PP / veneer
  • Thickness, min-max: 8-50 mm
  • Length, min-max: 200-unlimited mm
  • Width, min-max: 75-unlimited mm
  • Working Speed, m/min: 5.5
  • Pre-milling cutters height: 30/50mm
  • Working air pressure: 6-7 kg/cm²
  • Total electrical output: 3,4 kW
  • Electrical connection: 3 x 220V, 60Hz
  • Dimensions installed: 2352mm x 1190mm x 1444mm
  • Net weight: 620Kg (1,400 lbs.)
  • Timer controlled automatic feeding allows the precise adjustment of the in-feed surplus and minimizing the waste of edging material.
  • Pre-milling performed by two HF motors, one rotating CCW and second rotating CW, with pneumatic pressure control providing an optimum finish.
  • Newly designed glue application unit with improved thermodynamics grants a shorter heating time with less power consumption. Automatic temperature control by electronic thermostat prevents glue from scorching while the machine is idle.
  • A group of 2 pressure rollers exert pressure on the edge band in order to achieve its adhesion onto the panel edge.
  • Endtrimming by single support/single carriage/single through shaft HF motor with one milling head performs the front and rear trim cut cycles.
  • Separate top and bottom trimming units machine the excess edgebanding along the upper and lower edges of the panel.

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