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Used Tigerstop 22' Automated Cutoff Stop and Programmable Pusher

Stock #81134 - Available (As Is)



  • TigerStop 22' Automated Cutoff Stop and Programmable Pusher
  • Go Function: Causes Tigerstop to go to any position that you enter on the keypad
  • Go Set Function: If you have up to ten lengths that you cut frequently, this lets you program the TigerStop Controller's keypad (0-9) to "remember" them as quick stops
  • Increment Function: If you want to cut equal lengths, or, if you need to increment your work through a saw or drill press, you can set up TigerStop to push it this way. Also, if some part to be cut are related to others by a set increment, this function lets you cut the pieces in sequence
  • Push Feed Function: If you want to push feed stock through a saw, cutting a series of lengths, TigerStop can be programmed for these lengths, compensating for the saw blade kerf, and delivering finished pieces on the out board side of the saw
  • Cut List Function: If you work from cut lists, you can program lengths and quantities into TigerStop. After programming a cutlist, you can call it up from memory and have TigerSto move to the different positions in the list, sequentially line-by-line as entered
  • Calculator Function: TigerStop has a built-in 10 key calculator that lets you calculate a new length based on your last position or on a new value. After performing the calculation, TigerStop move to the new position
  • Serial #: 993139

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