Laminate Panel Cleaner/Pinch Roll/ Misc

Used Midwest Automation SIP PUR Laminating System

Stock #3833 - Available (As Is)



  • Liquid PUR Systems with Bead Extruder
  • Standard 4' x 12' Transfer Cart for Dual Press Setup
  • Designed to Dispense One-Part, Moisture Cure Polyurethane Adhesives that are not Compatible in a Roll-Coating Process
  • These Extrememly Fast Curing Products have been Specifically Formulated as a Structural Adhesive for Laminating Oriented Strand Board, Cement Board, MGO, & Other SIP Skins to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Cores
  • "Eco-Track" System with Traversing Gantry for Single-Panels
  • Jib Crane with Vacuum Lift
  • Side-Transfer Cart Outfeed System
  • Bulk Adhesive Stand with Day Barrel
  • Produces Panels from 4' x 8' to 4' x 12'
  • Machine has a rebuild Zenith Pump, new Adhesive Lines, New Manifold Heads, a New Day Tank, New Paint & Stickers
  • Ready to use with your press system (presses in photographs are not included)

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