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New Ultimizers DD-500GB High Speed Cut-Off Saw

Stock #80150N - Call For Availability (New)



  • General Information:
  • DD-500GB offers feed rates faster than previous designs
  • Ramp times to full speed are measured in milliseconds due to the unique design that grips the boards on both top and bottom
  • Cutting cycles as fast as 130 milliseconds increase production
  • Waste is removed at the blade as it is cut using high pressure air blow-off jets
  • The patented top and bottom conveyor belts found exclusively on the DD-500GB saw, provide exceptional grip that resists slippage
  • The encoder near the blade provides very accurate measurements
  • An additional servo motor runs the arbor crank actuation up and down
  • The centrifugal designs remains smooth even at extreme speeds
  • The blade motor is also servo controlled giving the user complete control of blade and cut-speeds for optimum cut quality control
  • Large access panels and Windows based touch screen controls are key to ease of use and operator efficiency
  • On screen diagnostics cover all sensors, valves and drives
  • The patented top and bottom conveyor belt drive independently driven with separate servo's and direct gearbox's allowing a large amount of horsepower driving the strips
  • Production graph is based on historical customer use for saw capacity only
  • Customers actual rates may vary up or down in some cases based on cut-speeds, or other system performance rates

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