Saws - Optimizer

New Ultimizers Ulti-Sizer

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  • General Inforamtion:
  • Ulti-Sizer Scanning System quickly measures random width strips and provides panel build-up solutions for high speed panel glue-up operations or for operations needing solutions for wide panels
  • Scanning is based on line lasers at high angles being read from USB based array cameras
  • As many as 34 staves are measured at any time for each panel solution
  • Final solutions within +/- 050" up to 40" wide panels
  • The final stave groups are kept together and fed to a customer supplied glue wheel.eavy duty air-operated stops resist dust and debris while maintaining quick and consistent operation
  • Chain driven gravity rolls drive the strips to and from the stop and scan area
  • Rollers are grouped very close together for parts down to 9" long
  • As many as 15 panels a minute 14" long can be achieved

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