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New Midwest Automation Model LS 500 Layup Station

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  • Midwest Automation Model LS 500 Layup Station
  • General Information:
  • A simple, non-powered design for top and/or bottom laminating in a cold press application
  • Utilizes a traversing arm that transports the panel from the glue spreader over the top of a lift table, then gently places it onto the backer sheet, making a stack of panels
  • Can be used with either an existing lift table or an optional SL400/500 Lift Table provided by Midwest
  • Features:
  • Minimum contact disc conveyor with stainless steel discs
  • Galvanized water tray
  • Traversing arm is cantilevered and guided on a twin rail with cam follower bearings
  • Options:
  • SL 400/500 Lift Table
  • LR 500 Laminate Rack
  • Anti-deflection device

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