Finishing Equipment

New Stanza Model RC Roll Coater

Stock #29650N - Available (New)



  • General Information:
  • Widths include 12", 24", 52" and more
  • Paired with Ultra-Violet curing ovens, denibbers, stain wiper, buffers, and Infra- Dryers roll coating is an ideal method for applying finish of flat surfaces
  • Uses both an application and dr. roller (metering) to apply a thing layer of finish to a substrate
  • Coating is controlled by a series of adjustments, speeds, and pressures, in connection with coating viscosity, temperature and final "look"
  • Many finishes can be used such as stains, reactives, water base, solvent base, UV -Ultra-Violet, dyes, lyes, paints and more
  • Come in a variety of sizes for many applications

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