Laminate Panel Cleaner/Pinch Roll/ Misc

New Evans 5010 Laminate Slitter

Stock #38350N - Available (New)



  • Selected Features:
  • 3-Blade Sheer Cutting System
  • Self-Aligning Fence
  • Cut Capacity: 1/4” to 6”
  • Rate: 70 feet per minute
  • Motor: 1/2 HP
  • Air Requirement: N/A
  • Ideal machine for cutting high pressure laminate or wood veneer
  • Proven to reduce labor costs and increase production while providing a premium quality edge
  • Equipped with an adjustable self aligning fence that is mounted on a linear guide and can adjust in 1/32” increments up to 6”
  • Sheering action of the three blade design allows to self-feed most materials at 70 FPM

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