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New Evans Model HT 4600 Laminating Heat Tunnel

Stock #38160N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Evans Model HT 4600 Laminating Heat Tunnel
  • Selected Features:
  • Multiple Heating Sections (1-3 Available)
  • Variable Speed Feed Rate
  • 6 Heat Resistant Silicone Rollers (64″ Long)
  • Adjustable Pneumatic Pressure
  • HMI Controlled Material Thickness Adjustment
  • NEMA 12 Control Console
  • Interlocked Side Panels for Cleaning
  • Optical Panel Sensor
  • Premier Heat Tunnel on the market
  • Heavy-duty laminating machine is built to handle HPL production at speeds up to 30 feet per minute with heaters that put out up to 1200 degrees (F)
  • Can be built with between 1-3 heating sections to fit your preferred production method and speed
  • Redesigned to allow for easier access to the machine for cleaning and maintenance
  • New access doors and the ease of operation
  • Cleaning time increased considerably and allows cleaning more often leading to a better, more consistent end product

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