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New Omec Model SA 600 Automatic Hot Stamping Press

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  • Omec Model SA 600 Automatic Hot Stamping Press
  • Technical Data: On board machine installed power: 8.5 Kw
  • Working pressure: 0.7 MPascal
  • Stamping pressure: 120 MPascal/kg
  • Travel of the pressing head: 60 Mm
  • Nominal cycles/hour: 700 n/h
  • Workpiece Limits
  • Draw Length: min. 80mm max. 400mm
  • Draw Width: min. 200mm max. 600mm
  • Draw Thickness: min. 5mm max. 30mm
  • Standard Equipment
  • Tool Kit for adjustments and maintenance
  • User’s and instructions manual
  • Automatic stamping press was designed for the press-stamping of covers for wine crates and drawer sides on pieces of furniture
  • Features a pusher unit with a heating plate that is suitable to obtain burn effects on wooden items
  • Machines single pieces
  • The pieces are fed out of the in feed magazine to the blocking zone, then they undergo the pressing cycle, they are unblocked and finally fed to the out feed magazine stacker: and the whole working cycle is automatic
  • Controlled by a pushbutton panel and a control panel
  • Controlled by a CNC system that is programmed to achieve maximum flexibility and the highest machining speed
  • The only necessary manual adjustment is the work piece length
  • Press is fitted with a quick-connect/disconnect system for relief plates

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