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New Omec Model SCM 1200 Hydraulic Drawer Clamp

Stock #14410N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Technical Data
  • On board machine installed power: 0.5 HP
  • Working pressure: Mpascal 0.7
  • Drawers’ production output: Up to 60 boxes/hour
  • Workpiece Limits
  • Draw Length: min. 250mm max. 1200mm
  • Draw Width: min. 240mm max. 600mm
  • Draw Thickness: min. 60mm max. 260mm
  • Standard Equipment
  • Took kit for adjustments and maintenance
  • User’s and instruction manual
  • This drawer box clamp is unique in that the operator assembles the loose box parts in the clamp itself not prior to introducing to the clamp
  • Pneumatic cylinders lock in the drawer sides and spring guides the fronts and backs
  • A pneumatic vacuum holds the drawer bottom in place when the hydraulic cylinder compresses the box
  • Total time from loose parts to completed box is less than one minute.

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