Clamps - Case/Door/Misc

New Omec Model SBM 1200

Stock #14400N - Available (As Is)



  • Technical Data
  • Power installed on the machine: 1.12 Kw
  • Working pressure: 0.4 MPascal
  • Boxes production: 180 n/h
  • Workpiece Limits
  • Draw Length: min. 100mm max. 1050mm
  • Draw Width: min. 70mm max. 400mm
  • Draw Thickness: min. 2mm max. 15mm
  • Standard Equipment
  • Hydraulic Manual clamp has been designed and built for assembling small boxes
  • The size of the box is adjusted manually by the operator
  • The machine has a hydraulic power plant which drives three cylinders to press the four sides of the box previously inserted in the relevant clamps
  • Controls are located on a built-in control panel
  • The SBM1200 model is controlled by a programmable controller (PLC) which is entrusted with the working cycle control

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