Finger Jointers

New Omec Model F10 Box and Finger Joint Machine

Stock #28210N - Available (New)



  • Technical Data
  • Power installed of machine: 12.0kw
  • Working pressure: 0.7 Mpascal
  • Number of spindles: 1
  • Spindle revolutions: 3900 rpm
  • Draw Production: n/h 800
  • Standard Features
  • Designed for the production of “box joints” or “fingerjoints” in large quantities
  • Available in a 200 mm (7 7/8”) and 450 mm (17″) capacity
  • Utilizes hydraulic movement, pneumatic clamp, and a customized tool stack to quickly and accurately mill the desired box joint or finger joint
  • Capable of producing over 1000 finished parts per hour
  • Box joints are regularly used for wine crates, specialty boxes, bee hive boxes, wood tool boxes, etc

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